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Earn as you spend

One-of-a-kind digital wallet that empowers you to maximize rewards from your existing cards.

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Simplify the way you pay by combining your cards into one smart credit card

Get on top of your finances

Build your cashback empire

Maximize rewards on top of your existing card rewards.

Earn rewards on top of your credit cards

Earn Curve rewards in addition to those provided by your credit cards. Everyone starts with 1% cash back.

Earn rewards even with your debit cards

Is there a way to get cashback with your debit card? Of course. Just spend with your linked debit card using Curve and we will give you cash back.

Supercharge your cards

Other digital wallets could never do.


Curve will step in automatically if your selected card doesn't go through. Simply pay your monthly statement in full to avoid any interest charges.¹

Go Back in Time®

Did you ever pay with the wrong card? Do you ever need to free up cash? Switch charges from one card to another up to 30 days after the transaction when using curve.¹

Tell Your Money Where to go

Smart Rules puts your money on autopilot. Choose a card you want to use for a specific type of spend, like categories or certain currency amounts, and the payments will automatically be taken from there. No need to change the payment card manually. Don’t think twice when paying with Curve.

Keep your cashflow crystal clear

See all your spending in Curve

No more spreadsheets

See what you’re spending on all your accounts at once with Curve. See a categorized breakdown of your spending across all your cards on curve.

See your spend per week, month, and year

Filter your spending views as you need manage your cashflow like a pro.

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